Vintage Panoramic Havana

*For the tour a deposit of 30 USD per person is required and

a payment of 25 CUC per person in cash at the beginning of the tour.

This is a one-hour private tour with a minimum of 2 clients per group.

What does the tour include?

- Bilingual guide (Spanish / English)

- Transportation in a Vintage Classic Car.


About this tour:

Guided tour in a Vintage Classic car where you can get to know and enjoy the main attractions of the country's capital, that magical, enigmatic and almost detained in the time Havana that has captivated and captivated so many.



Havana Outwalls

We begin the tour by driving the road where the old wall of Havana was located, we see the old Presidential Palace nowadays Museum of the Revolution, the Museum of Fine Arts that contains the largest concentration of Cuban works with collections of the most famous Cuban artists of all times.

We enter the in Paseo del Prado where we will begin to get in touch with the amalgam of history and modernity that surrounds Havana with a large number of buildings of past centuries elegantly mixed with modern hotels and other current buildings.

We arrived at the Parque Central area, where buildings such as the Inglaterra, Telégrafo and Manzana Hotels stand out, as well as what was once the largest and most luxurious theater in the American continent and that still preserves its splendor: El Gran Teatro de la Habana.

We move nest to the area of the National Capitol that next to the Park of the American Fraternity was erected in 1929 and that even in our days is considered among the 10 most important palaces in the world.

Plaza de la Revolución

We cross the entrance to Chinatown to head towards Reina Avenue, where we can continue to appreciate the different architectural styles present in buildings such as the Parish of the Sacred Heart also known as Queen's Church or the Masonic Building emblem of the Masonic Lodges in Cuba crowned with a great terrestrial sphere, the largest in America. head towards

We continue along the Carlos III avenue, passing La Quinta de los Molinos, the former residence of the General Captains of the Island and the hero Máximo Gómez, to head towards the Plaza de la Revolucion to learn about its history and enjoy a memorial to José Martí and the sculptural reliefs to Che and Camilo Cienfuegos placed in two of the buildings that surround this square.


Malecón and Avenida del Puerto

We close the tour visiting the parks of John Lennon and Don Quixote, descend the famous 23 Street towards the Hotel Nacional and enter in the Malecon area to feel the breeze of joy at the same time nostalgia that gives us this emblematic road which ends in the harbor where we make a slight travel in time along what was the first seafront of Havana and one of the most visited places in the early days since the beginning of the city's boom. We enjoyed the view of the Church of Paula, the Old Warehouses of San José, the brewery in the old Pale Breakwater, the floating dock, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and many other attractions.

Duration of the tour:

This tour lasts 1 hours, although adjustments can be made according to the interests of the visitors, the available time they have or the number of hours or days that go to be in Havana. These details must be informed in advance.


*This itinerary during the tour may be subject to changes according to the interests and suggestions of the clients, or the time they have during their stay in Havana.


*In the case of visitors who come on a cruise, it is recommended to adjust the duration of the tour according to the time of stay in Havana. In the event that your cruise line does not arrive in Havana and if you go to any other port in the country, we can arrange your transfer to Havana and adjust to the time available

*Caribbean Pearl Tour can also organize this itinerary for customers who are in other parts of the country and who wish to participate in it.