The mysteries of La Gran Piedra

Visit to La Gran Piedra (The big Rock), located in Sierra Maestra mountains range at 1225 mts over the sea level, an ecological reservation considered as the western treasure of the island, where you will be able to enjoy the upstanding view of the Caribbean sea from a giant rock of 51 mts large and 30 mts wide, also it has a weight of 63 000 tons. Is still a mystery how this rock gets so high, some scientist said that is a meteorite; others alleged that it was a volcano the responsible of this, but the people´s superstition prefer to believe it was an UFO the one that relocated it in this place. The specialized tour guide will be the one that will clarify your doubts.

Other attractive that you will enjoy are for example, the flower botanic exotic garden and the French coffee plantation museum named La Isabelica. Victor Constantin a French wealthy men installed himself together with some slaves in this mountains and started a coffee plantation business at the XIX century, he lived there with a slave girl named Isabelica, the one that he loved so much, they spread the coffee plantation in Cuba together with other French colons who came to live in this western part of Cuba, running away from the Haiti revolution leaded by Toussaint Louverture..This museum is considered by UNESCO as human kind heritage.

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