Santa Isabel Street in Cienfuegos

Each morning is always different in the Pedestrian Street Santa Isabel, in the city of Cienfuegos. There, visitors are not repeated, but every day there is a crafts fair.

Since very early morning craftsmen, artists, painters, and workers run with umbrellas, tables and utensils to open their stalls. It does not matter if it is low or high tourist season , you can always find there jewelry, wood carvings, textiles and all kinds of art.

The new boulevard, as many call it, was for years a street without people traffic, almost empty, but now, it picks up the pace of the past when most of the shipments use to arrive at the port of Cienfuegos.

The street of Santa Isabel was one of the first traced by the founders of the colony Fernandina de Jagua, shortly after 1819. Its name has survived for almost two hundred years, and although it was intended to honor Isabel La Católica. It was named after the Cienfuegos poet Hurtado del Valle, in 1912, but, years later it was renamed Santa Isabel.

Today this commercial artery is reclaimed with improvised establishments, such as cafeterias, art galleries, workshops or painting studios located in the halls of different houses, where at first sight experimental works can be identified for their colors, or painting techniques. It even highlights the use of reused waste materials.

In a small city like Cienfuegos, exposition spaces are scarce and the spaces visited by foreigners is even smaller, therefore, artists seek alternatives that arouse the curiosity of visitors.

Undoubtedly, the Santa Isabel Corridor is a must see for those who are passing through this seafaring city. The journey always ends at the Royal Pier where many prefer to enjoy the sea breeze, taste a piña colada or throw their hooks to the bay.

by: Claudia Matínez Bueno

I am a journalist by profession that seeks the essence in each story, that hidden truth that awakens interest and conquers the heart of many.

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