Santiago - Morro Fortress

*For this tour a deposit of 55 USD per person is required and

a payment of 60 CUC per person in cash at the beginning of the tour.

This is a private tour with a minimum of 2 clients per group.



  • English-speaking guide.

  • Transportation with A/C.

  • Entrance fee to the fortress.

  • Lunch for groups larger than 2 people.​




Tour through the main attractions of the city including a visit to The Castle San Pedro de la Roca or El Morro de Santiago like is popular know, an XVII century fortress placed in the entrance of the bay for the protection again pirates and corsairs.



Walking Tour (1 hour)

Walking tour through the center of the city, in which you will be able to see the oldest standing house in America and the Caribbean, the house of Diego Velazquez “The America´s Conqueror”, our cathedral built in 1515, visit of the terrace of Casa Granda hotel.

Continuum through Heredia s Street and see the house of our first Romantic poet (1803 _ 1839), the Carnival and Ron Bacardi museums and Provincial Governor Palace, these last two treasures of the eclectic architectonical movement of the first times of the XX century.

Walking through Enramada´s Street declared by UNESCO as a Patrimonial Corridor, visit at Dolores Square (Sorrows Square), and the view from outside of the Sorrows Church where Fidel Castro studied when he was a child and from the 70´s nowadays a concert hall, the one with best acoustic in all the island.


Panoramic tour. (2 hours)

Drive through the main streets of Santiago de Cuba and visit places of interest, such as:

San Juan Hill, scene of an important battle in the Spanish - Cuban – American war (1898), where Theodor Roosevelt fought on the charge of the rough riders against the Spaniard army and together with the Cuban Rebels.

Vista Alegre neighborhood, where the wealthy people used to have their house before the Cuban Revolution triumph in 1959, including the outside view of the Mansion of the Boch and the Bacardi family. Continuing through Las Americas Avenue, where is located in the Forest of the Heroes, the Medical school, part of the University.

Revolution Square, dedicated to Antonio Maceo, a hero of the liberation war from the XIX century, from there 2 popes, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI gave huge mass to the Cuban people.

Moncada Barracks, scene of the first action carried by Fidel Castro against the dictator Batista in 1953.

Cemetery Santa Ifigenia, which is an outdoor museum, where u will be able to find the tombs of Jose Marti, our national hero, Fidel Castro, Bacardi, and his family, the last doctor of Napoleon Bonaparte, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes who is also known as The Father of the Motherland, among others.

Barrita Ron Caney, which is located in a Factory that used to belong to Bacardi, the Rhum producer, there you can find original and upstanding tobaccos and Santiago de Cuba Rhum brands.


Visit El Morro Fortress(2 hours)
Created in 1638 to protect the city again the attacks of pirates and corsairs this Fortress was declare by UNESCO as part of the world heritage in 1997 in this very well-preserved fortress you can enjoy a wonderful view of the bay, the Caribbean Sea and the mountains,  also you will be in touch with all the details from its different chambers and rooms and a nice piracy museum with photos of the worst pirates like Henry Morgan and others.