Jewish precense in Havana

*For the tour a deposit of 60 USD per person is required and

a payment of 55 CUC per person in cash at the beginning of the tour.

This is a public tour with a minimum of 2 clients per group.

Which includes the Jewish Tour of Caribbean Pearl Tour:


  • Bilingual guide (Spanish / English)

  • Interview with some members and leaders of the Jewish community during the tour.

  • Transfer by taxi or van, depending on the number of passengers.

  • Access to the referred sites.

  • Lunch at a restaurant in Havana (included for more than 2 people).


Knowing the history, past and present of the Jewish community in Cuba is of remarkable importance to understand the true ethno-cultural influence of this group in Cuban society. The presence of Jews in Cuba dates back to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492, because in their ships arrived several Jewish sailors as part of the voyages of discovery of America. From that date until today, the Jewish community in Cuba has been growing and consolidating its importance and influence in the economy, politics, culture, scientific development, architecture, urbanism, sports and in all spheres of activity in the Cuban society. Especially in Havana, capital of the country, and place where the largest number of Jews currently reside and where their most representative institutions are located.


That is why Caribbean Pearl Tours offers a unique and original opportunity with the Jewish City Tour in Havana. Organized especially for visitors of Jewish origin who are in Cuba and for all those who are interested in living with us an unforgettable experience through an excursion, which will allow us to travel through the past and present of the Jewish community in Havana. Through this excursion, travelers will be able to know how the Jewish community of Havana arose and how their community life develops today. They can also visit and know other places of interest related to History and current Cuban society.

About the Jewish Tour organized by Caribbean Pearl Tour:


During the tour, participants will know the places, streets, buildings, landscapes, the great history of politics, society, way of life, and some stories of the people who were and are protagonists of the Jewish experience in Cuba, in addition to other aspects related to the History and current affairs of Havana:


  • The Orthodox Synagogue Adath Israel

  • The Holocaust's platform

  • The Sephardic Hebrew Center

  • The Beth Shalom Synagogue (Headquarters of the Jewish Community of Cuba)

  • The Board of the Hebrew House, to learn about the "community school" that operates on Sundays, in which children learn Hebrew and Jewish traditions.

  • Tour around Capitol of Havana and the Revolution Square

  • Panoramic tour of Vedado (one of the most popular residential areas of Havana)

  • Visit to the National Hotel of Cuba ( you can learn about the presence of Jews in the place)

  • Tour of Old Havana

  • Acosta street

  • Muralla Street

  • Hotel Raquel (the only one in Cuba dedicated to the Jewish presence)

  • Monument in honor of the Rossemberg spouses.



In case of choosing any of our optional visits, the visitor will have to inform us in advance of the date of the tour.


Although this tour is designed and organized to know the places related to the Jewish presence in Havana, Caribbean Pearl Tours, is flexible to any change or suggestion of places that visitors want to know in the city, as long as they inform in advance and adjust to the duration time.


Duration of the tour:


The Jewish Tour organized by the Caribbean Pearl Tour lasts 4 to 6 hours, although adjustments can be made according to the interests of the visitors, the available time they have or the number of hours or days they will be in Havana. The visitors must inform these details in advance.




*Caribbean Pearl Tour can also organize this itinerary for customers who are in other parts of the country and who wish to participate in it.

*In the case of visitors who come on a cruise, it is recommended to adjust the duration of the tour according to the time of stay in Havana. In the event that your cruise line does not arrive in Havana and if you go to any other port in the country, we can arrange your transfer to Havana and adjust to the time available

*Caribbean Pearl Tour can also organize this itinerary for customers who are in other parts of the country and who wish to participate in it.