Behind the foodpritns of Papa Hemingway
6 hr

For the tour a deposit of 60 USD per person is required and

a payment of 55 CUC per person in cash at the beginning of the tour.

This is a private tour with a minimum of 2 clients per group.


What does the tour include?

- Bilingual guide (Spanish / English)

- Transfer by taxi or van, depending on the number of passenger

- Entrance to the referred places.

- Lunch in a restaurant in Havana (optional).

About this tour:

Considered one of the prominent figures in world literature, Ernest Hemingway is inextricably linked to Cuba and the Cubans. So much so, that many consider him a man almost as Cuban as American because of his close relationship with Cuban history, culture and society in the first half of the twentieth century, especially with Havana, a city in which the so-called "Bronze God of American literature” lived for more than 20 uninterrupted years.'

It was Havana, the place where Ernest Hemingway lived, loved and wrote several of his most important works, including "The Old Man and the Sea", with which he obtained in 1954 the Nobel Prize for Literature. But also where he pursued Nazi submarines during World War II and developed a unique hobby and talent for fishing for marlins. The writer's relationship with the capital of all Cubans, is also marked by his famous raids in the bars "La Bodeguita del Medio" and "El Floridita", places where he left his mark unmatched after the enjoyment of a good mojito or a refreshing Daiquiri. These and many other arguments make Ernest Hemingway a symbol of Havana, of Cuba and of all Cubans.


That is why Caribbean Pearl Tours offers a unique and original opportunity with a tour dedicated to following the footprints that Ernest Hemingway left in the Cuban capital. This tour is specially organized for visitors wishing to commemorate the life and work of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba and for all those interested in living with us an unforgettable experience, full of adventures and emotions as was the life of Papa Hemingway. In addition, the traveler may know other aspects of interest related to the history, culture and current affairs of Cuban society.


During the tour participants can visit the places related to the presence of Ernest Hemingway in Havana, as well as other sites of historical and cultural interest in the Cuban capital:

- Finca Vigía (Hemingway's last home in Havana and where he wrote his most famous novels, currently a museum dedicated to his life and work in Cuba)

- Panoramic tour through Vedado (One of the most popular residential areas in Havana)

- Revolution Square.

- The National Hotel of Cuba.

- Old Havana (its 4 most important square)

- Obispo Street.

- Ambos Mundos Hotel(first residence of Hemingway in Cuba)

- La Bodeguita del Medio Bar (one of the most famous bars in Cuba and where Hemingway used to meet with his friends to enjoy the nice Cuban mojitos)

- El Floridita Bar (one of the most famous bars in Cuba and the world and where Hemingway used to enjoy his favorite drink, the daiquiri, there is a tribute statue to the writer in the place he always occupied at the bar).


In case of choosing any of our optional visits, the visitor will have to inform us in advance of the date of the tour.


Although this tour is designed and organized to know the places related to the presence of Hemingway in Havana, Caribbean Pearl Tours, is flexible to any change or suggestion of places that visitors want to know in the city, as long as inform in advance and adjust to the time of duration.


Duration of the tour:

This tour lasts 4 to 6 hours, although adjustments can be made according to the interests of the visitors, the available time they have or the number of hours or days that go to be in Havana. These details must be informed in advance.



* This itinerary during the tour may be subject to changes according to the interests and suggestions of the clients, or the time they have during their stay in Havana.


* In the case of visitors who come on a cruise, it is recommended to adjust the duration of the tour according to the time of stay in Havana. In the event that your cruise line does not arrive in Havana and if you go to any other port in the country, we can arrange your transfer to Havana and adjust to the time available

* Caribbean Pearl Tour can also organize this itinerary for customers who are in other parts of the country and who wish to participate in it.