Florenca Itinerary Cuba

This is a private multi-day itinerary for 2 clients.


 - Pick-up and drop-off at the Airport.
 - Private Guide.
 - Transportation.
Itinerary:  *Can be customized depending on your schedule and preferences

March 13: Wellcome to Havana

  • Pick up at Airport and transfer to your lodgement

March 16: Bay of Pigs - Cienfuegos

  • 08:00 Transfer to Bay of Pigs in Giron, Matanzas (3 Hours)
    Visit this region which constitutes the largest wetland in the Caribbean with exuberant nature, exotic species and beautiful coastal areas and beaches. Historical region because it was the scene of the first United States defeat in America.

  • Visit the Crocodile Farm (1,5 hours).
    Originally conceived to perpetuate the Cuban Crocodile species, the Criadero or Crocodile Farm is today the home and center of studies for Cuban species in danger of extinction, some of them indigenous such as the Jutía(Tree-Rat), the Manjuarí and the Cuban Crocodile own.

  • Lunch with exotic plates at Palpite. (1 hour)

  • Snorkeling and swimming in the Fish Cave. (2 Hours)
    La Cueva de los Peces is the deepest and most beautiful cenote (cave with water) in Cuba. This is one of the best places on the island to practice snorkeling and diving. The coastal area in front has magnificent turquoise blue waters where you can find a great variety of corals and tropical fish, making it almost a Natural aquarium.

  • Transfer to Cienfuegos (2 hours).

  • Free night.
    Optional: Visit Cabaret Tropisur with a Live Show Tropicana style.

March 17: Cienfuegos

  • Panoramic Tour Cienfuegos (1 hour)
    Panoramic tour through Prado promenade (the largest in Cuba), Cienfuegos seawall(Malecón), Club Cienfuegos, Park of the Sculptures, Jagua Hotel, Valley Palace.
    View Details

  • Visit the Castle of Jagua. (2 hours)
    Panoramic view of Cienfuegos from the bay, panoramic view of the first area inhabited by non-aborigines, crossing the entrance of the Bay in a local Ferry, visit the Castle of Jagua one of the symbols of Cienfuegos who were built even before the city itself.

  • Lunch or Snacktime. (1 hour)

  • City Tour Cienfuegos. (3 hours)
    (Cultural World Heritage Site), walking in the Cienfuegos boulevard, visit to the House of Rum and Tabaco, Union Hotel arriving to the foundation area the Jose Martí square, the oldest part in the city with a view of the main buildings, the Town Hall, the Cathedral, Tomas Terry theater, Ferrer Palace, The Arc of the Workers. View Details

  • Free night.
    Optional: Walking through Cienfuegos Prado and Malecón to enjoy the night breeze coming from the ocean and mix your self with the locals. 


March 18: Nicho - Trinidad

  • 8:00 Transfer to El Nicho Natural Park(1:30 Hours)
    Located in the mountains of Escambray the natural park “El Nicho” is an ideal place to enjoy beautiful waterfalls, delicious natural pools, and amazing landscapes as well as to be in touch with the mountains native flora and fauna.

  • Walk through path trail El Nicho. (2:00 hours).
    Since you enter into the path of El Nicho you get the feeling to be in direct interchange with the nature, the unique environment of this magic place gives everyone in touch with it a sensation of freedom and purity, this experience increases when you taste the crystal clear waters of the naturals pools located along the way or enjoy the wonderful view of the waterfalls or the top of the mountain.
  • Lunch. (1:00 hour).
    Authentic mountain food in a Ranch of this paradise where all the food is raised and cultivated in these mountains, cooked with wood, a delicatessen hard to forget to everyone who tested.

  • Transfer Trinidad. (1:30 hours)

  • City tour Trinidad. (2 hour)
    One of the first villages founded by the Spanish in the early sixteenth century, declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Visit the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, with its luxurious altar decorated with precious wood and images of 300 years ago; Plaza Mayor and the Temple House of Yemayá. Visit the Trinidad´s Bodeguita del Medio and bar La Canchánchara to enjoy the traditional cocktail of the same name. View Details

  • Free night
    Optional: Listening and dancing live salsa music at the Stairs of the House of the Music.


March 19: Trinidad - Santa Clara - Havana

  • 8:00 Visit the Viewpoint of El Valle de los Ingenios. (1 Hour)
    From where you can observe the beauty of this place declared Cultural World Heritage.

  • Visit the Hacienda and Manaca Iznaga Tower. (1 Hour)
    One of the most popular touristic places in this city, an intrinsic part of the history and legends of this territory.

  • Transfer to Santa Clara. (1:30 Hours)
    A historical city where took place one of the most important battles in the Revolution liberation process, includes a visit to the Memorial, Museum, and Mausoleum of Che Guevara.
  • Visit the memorial, museum, and mausoleum of Che Guevara. (1 Hour)
    In this place also used as a plaza of events in the city are the tombs of the combatants who accompanied Che Guevara in the two tremendous feats that were La Batalla de Santa Clara and the campaign in Bolivia. This is also the memorial museum to the life of the also known as Gerrillero Heroico.

  • Lunch. (1:00 hour).

  • Panoramic Santa Clara. (1 hour)
    A quick view of the main attractions in Santa Clara including the Park Vidal, La Caridad Theater, Library Central of Las Villas, Derailment of the armored train and statue Che and the Kid.

  • Transfer Havana. (3:30 hours)

  • Check-in Casa Particular Havana.

  • Free night
    Optional: Walking through the Old Havana and mix your self with the locals. 


March 20: See you soon Cuba

  • Transfer to airport