Biking Tour Cienfuegos

*For the tour a deposit of 35 USD per person is required and

a payment of 40 CUC per person in cash at the beginning of the tour.

This is a private tour with a minimum of 2 clients per group.



  • English-speaking guide.

  • Bikes.

  • Lunch for groups larger than 2 people.​



Biking Tour for this beautiful city also called The Pearl of the South, declared a cultural

world heritage for its unique architecture of French and Spanish heritage, includes visits to its main buildings and historical - cultural areas. The total time for the is about 5 hours but the total lenght is less than 4 km. You will have long and short pauses every 10 minutes approximately to enjoy the main attractions visited. Also, a 1-hour pause for lunch is scheduled. 



The beautiful city of the sea (2 hours)

We start this tour in the cruiser terminal very close of the sea where will be all over the way. This is the oldest area used for the sea commerce and that still serve for that purpose. Passing along the custom building and the Royal Pier you will notice why Cienfuegos is also called as 'The Beautiful City of the Sea'. On this tour you will be in touch with the main attractions of the residential area of the city almost all very close and even directly connected to the sea. You will be able to see: 
 - The Seawall(Malecón)

 - The Baseball Stadium of the Elephants of Cienfuegos.

 - The Blue Palace.

 - The Yacht Club. (Club Cienfuegos)

 - The Sculptures Park

 - The Hotel Jagua.

 - The Palace of Valle (also known as the Cuban Taj Majal).

 - La Punta neighborhood (Declared National Monument due the architecture of the houses)



Lunch or Snack Time (1 hour).



Biking Down Town (2 hours)

In this part of the tour you will be able to enjoy more detailed the environment and architecture along 'El Prado de Cienfuegos', the longest promenade in Cuba. Biking through the foundation area the Jose Martí square, the oldest part in the city with a view of the main buildings, the Town Hall, the Cathedral, Tomas Terry theater, Ferrer Palace, The Arc of the Workers.