City Tour Trinidad

*For the tour a deposit of 45 USD per person is required and

a payment of 50 CUC per person in cash at the beginning of the tour.

This is a private tour with a minimum of 2 clients per group.



  • English-speaking guide.

  • Transportation with A/C.

  • Entrance fee to San Francisco de Asis Tower and Museum.

  • Lunch for groups larger than 2 people.​



Walk through this almost magical city, also called "The museum city of the Caribbean" for its magnificent state of preservation and the colonial atmosphere that one experiences when walk among its cobbled streets, squares, buildings, and old houses.


Transfer Trinidad (1:30 hours)


City tour Trinidad. (2 - 3 hour)

Start of the tour in the Cigar Factory where you can see how the crooked and selection of the very popular Cuban cigars is made. We continue along General Lino Pérez Street until we come to Parque Céspedes, the first recreational plaza built in the city and that since its beginnings in 1840 was one of the most beautiful in the country, in its surroundings we find the building of the Municipal City Council, the Church of San Francisco de Paula and the School of Paula, formerly the Women's Hospital, all these buildings date from the beginning and middle of the 19th century. We ended the visit to the originally known as Plaza Carrillo in the Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad which despite having been built in recent times maintains the architectural style and atmosphere of the time.

We continue the journey through the different strata of the city while we enjoy its cultural environment as we get into the most ancient area which is also the most visited by domestic and foreign tourists, we notice how it is increasingly difficult to walk due to the presence of cobblestones, what many of the streets and roads in this area are made of. We detail numerous galleries and private shops where among other things we talk about the craft traditions that are well preserved in this city, among which the art of weaving and ceramics stand out.


We pause at the House of Rum and Cigar to learn about these important goods of the Cuban tradition and economy to continue the tour on to the main tourist area of the city. We observe different businesses with Vintage style, very common among restaurants and cafeterias. We enter the House of Culture to observe carefully the colonial architectonic style, which is predominant in the city, also the works with stained glass and the drains of the roofs to the central courtyard, original idea to supply rainwater to the houses in the times that they did not have this service.


We reached the climax of our route, the most visited area and where we find the greatest attractions, we started at Casa de la Trova where you will be able to see a bit more of the original architecture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and you can also enjoy a collection of records and musical instruments Cuban traditional or good and varied Cuban traditional music live. From its portal you can also sightsee the remains of the ancient temple in the city, the old Church of La Popa.

We arrive at the staircase of the House of the Music, the nerve center of night activities from where we can enjoy a rest while we listen to live music with some of the orchestras that throughout the afternoon and evening put to dance many of those who visit this place. At its side we find the Church of the Holy Trinity one of the buildings that surround Plaza Mayor, which has been converted next to the towers of the old Convent San Francisco de Asís and the Manaca Iznaga plantation in the main symbols of the city. Other important buildings located around the main square are the Palace of the Counts Brunet, and the houses of Sánchez Iznaga and Ángela Borrell and Padrón today converted into the Romantic, Colonial Architecture and Archeology museums respectively, we also find the former Palazzo del Regidor today Benito Ortiz Art Gallery.


We continue along Calle Cristo to stop at one of the key points of our excursion, the old San Francisco de Asis Convent, today, the Museum of Fight Against Bandits. In addition to know about this stage of Cuban history, we can climb the aforementioned tower, the highest point of the historic center where you have a wonderful view of the city between mountains and sea.


As a culmination of our walk, after visiting the Temple House of Yemayá, where we can learn a little more about the Afro-Cuban religions and visit the Trinitarian Bodeguita del Medio we enter the oldest house in the city, today traditional music and recreational center which is named in honor to a drink that has been retaken like tradition in this region and that today has extended to several regions of the country, we refer to La Canchánchara. This is the official end of the tour, but, unofficially, we may give you a little more, near the place there is a place under a Ceiba(traditional tree) with many legends, one of its said its was born the same day of the city, we can also visit a bar dedicated to the English band The Beatles and the ruins of an ancient theater today converted into a recreational center among others surprises.


Lunch at Restaurant La Ceiba(1 hour)


Transfer Cienfuegos (1:30 hours)