Birdwatching at Zapata Swamp

*For this tour a deposit of 75 USD per person is required and

a payment of 80 CUC per person in cash at the beginning of the tour.

This is a private tour with a minimum of 2 clients per group.



  • English-speaking guide.

  • Transportation with A/C.

  • Entrance fee to all natural areas and parks visited.

  • Lunch for groups larger than 2 people.​



Cienaga de Zapata is considered one of the best bird watching areas in Cuba, with one of the highest concentrations of endemics in the entire country. This is an excellent opportunity to be in touch with the autochthonous flora and fauna of Cuba.


Transfer to Zapata Swamp (1:30 Hours)


Refuge of Fauna Bermejas. (1:30 Hours)

Where you will have the opportunity to make excellent photos of the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world. It is an area of forests where you can observe and photograph endemics such as the Gray-fronted Quail Dove, Gray-fronted Quail Dove, Cuban Parakeet, Red-shouldered Blackbird, Bare-legged Owl, Fernandina´s Flicker, Cuban Pygmy Owl, Cuban Trogon, Cuban Tody, Cuban Blackbird, Yellow-headed Warbler, Cuban Green Woodpecker, Cuban Vireo, Cuban Oriole. As well as Caribbean endemics such as Cuban Parrot, Cuban Crow, Western Spindalis, Great-Lizzard Cuckoo, Western Spindalis, Loggerhead Kingbird, Cuban Pewee, La Sagra Flycatcher, Greater Atillean Grackle, Zenaida Dove and numerous migratory species that use this forest as a winter refuge.


Visit La Cueva de los Peces. (30 min)
A saltwater “cenote” of incredible transparency and 77 meters deep. In its surroundings, it is possible to photograph very close and with an excellent light the beautiful Blue-headed Quail Dove, one of the most striking endemics of Cuba. As well as many other endemic and numerous resident and migratory birds.


Lunch with exotic plates at Palpite. (1 hour)



Visit the house of Bernabé and Juanita. (1 hour)
A couple of peasants who live in the town of Pálpite and who have become famous for keeping a garden in the yard of their house where many Bee Hummingbirds and other endemic species such as the Cuban Oriole, Cuban Blackbird, and Cuban Green Woodpecker. And many other residents and migrants who come regularly.


Transfer to Cienfuegos. (1:30 Hours)